Contour Gauge

The Ethos Tools Contour Gauge creates a simple and quick template for measuring curved profiles easily. 

This template tool eliminates the guessing for irregular shapes and simplifies measurement for a perfect impression every time. 

Precise Shape Duplication

High-quality stainless-steel metal core with durable ABS rust-proof deep pins that glide into place for smooth contour copying of the cross-sectional shapes and curves of a surface to replicate the exact profile match without causing damage.

Adjustable and Easy to Use:

Included hex tool gives you control over the tightness.  Adjust to fit your preferred resistance.


Extensive Application:

Flexible design simplifies copying odd shapes exactly including pipes, columns, pillars, walls, molding, trims, door frames, etc. to make sure you get the perfect fit every time.  

This tool is perfect for wood working, carpentry, flooring installation (carpet, hardwood, tile and/or laminate), corner angles, etc. 

The Ethos Tools Contour Gauge works well for tradesmen, craftsmen, and DIYers to get the job done right the first time.  

It’s ideal for use around the shop, on work sites, or at home.  

Lock in Accurate Measurements the First Time:

Strong metal locking mechanism securely holds pin track template in place to simplify tracing including precise detail and pattern for exact measure instant transfer, efficiently saving time.  

It’s as simple as Measure, Lock, and Trace.


We are so confident about the quality of Ethos Tools premium Contour Gauges that we offer an extended manufacturer warranty when you complete the product registration using the product insert.